Parecia: One of God’s Foot Soldiers


I thought I would share the intimate details of a card I am sending to a very dear friend. When I say things like I have been where you are or that there are wonderful people in this cruel world, I mean it.

Thank God for Parecia – one of God’s foot soldiers.

Dearest Parecia,
I started the blog that I am sure I talked to you about ( It has been amazing to be able to move on the things I’ve wanted to do. About two weeks ago someone left a comment that appeared harsh to the naked eye – only it was someone crying out for help. The lady was mother of two (and one on the way) and a wife. She decided she would kill herself that day – but instead, she lived to see a glimpse of hope.
Remember that day when I had lost all will and you peeled me out of bed and took me to a therapist? You had not even known me that long yet you took off from work and stayed with me through everything. I did for her what you did for me. She told me she did not know people like me existed. I told her I knew they did. Thank you for saving my life.

If I had to create a logo that represented you, it would be a gold box wrapped in a ribbon encrusted with crystals and diamonds because you are truly my treasured gift. Below is an image I used on one of my blogs. You are the inspiration behind it. You are one of God’s foot soldiers, girl. I miss you and love you dearly ~Jowanna