Call the Right Being When You’re In Trouble


Today while ironing, the iron caught fire as I knocked the wrinkles out of my jeans to an acceptable level. Instead of screaming, “Oh Jesus,” or “Oh God,” I cried, “ROB!”. A cautionary tale: scream for God. My husband didn’t fully hear me. He was napping (at 8:00 am) and said he heard something and wasn’t sure if it was his dream. Note to self, call for Jesus next time.

my hubby is my jesus blog. photo of the iron that caught on fire.
The above iron was the source of the fireworks.

My hubby has two habits that I feel in my gut are not right. He puts the iron in the little stand cubby at the end of the ironing board when it’s hot, and he leaves the iron plugged in after he finishes ironing. I took the “Do like the Romans when in Rome” approach. Still, it irked me because I had to unplug then re-plug the iron every time I use it. But who knew this could burn the house down?

After the iron sparked, then burst in flames for a second, I had a theory: the iron gets pent up with electricity because it is still flowing, but the auto shut off keeps it from going anywhere. The pent-up currents releases if anything malfunctions in the appliance. Given I am not an electrician, and I don’t remember any electrical currents teachings, I wouldn’t be offended if you are thinking, “What is the gurl talking about.” My second thought – maybe something is wrong with my electrical system. FUDGE!

I did a Google search, but I did not get a straight answer, nor did I see anything that fits the description of what I experienced. Since I am a Quora partner, I posted this question: “What caused my iron to set fire for two seconds as I started ironing? It has an auto shutoff. It is often left plugged in then we have to unplug it and plug it back in to turn it on.

While I wait for some expert suggestions, let me share my non-expert advice and update this blog (or maybe write a new one) when I get expert opinions.

My (Non-Expert) Opinion About Leaving Your Iron with Auto-Shut Off Plugged-In

  1. Don’t leave ANYTHING plugged in.
  2. Call for a power higher than your sleeping husband when in distress.
  3. If something sparks in your house, get an expert to check it out.

Can You Help Me?

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