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My Story

Several years ago, I was so sick that all I could do is cry for my mom. I was broken, and I was tired. I wanted to escape from everything and just into her arms. The problem was that unless I was going to knock on heaven’s gates, It would still be a while before I saw her. I brought in a substitute mom. I lost my mom at 12 and from that moment til this very day; I was aware of what I lost. I yearned for a mother since I lost one.  Throughout my life, I was longing for a substitute.  It took me exposing my heart to a mother substitute that shredded my heart like a classified document. During this hurt, I realized that I was not the healed soul I thought I was. It also made me realize that no one can carry me. The only way for me to have the courage to live a purposeful life was to continually get to know every piece of my soul.  While the moment with one of my surrogate “moms” was one of the most painful moments in my adult life, it was also one that was a cornerstone of me reaching a level of spiritual growth that I did not know was possible. Sometimes you don’t know how much you are holding yourself back until God expose the core of your sole.

Dare to Live on Purpose for a Purpose

Look girls, at the end of the day, no one can carry us and we need to stop carrying other people. The truth is every one of your problems along with their answers lie inside of you? Do you really know your soul? I have had the delight of getting to know this extraordinary soul in this ordinary body.  We are not all built the same way.  A tangible physical talent may enhance or compensate for other areas. You can no longer blame your lack of progress on anyone else but you.

Daley Word is just another way for me to live a purposeful life. I hope you find inspiration, purpose and your true selves. Let Daley Word be a tool to help empower and inspire you to live on purpose … mistakes and all!

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